CATIA P3 V5-6R2016

DS CATIA P3 v5-6r2016 is a professional mechanical design software launched by dasso company. The software covers the process of design, analysis, optimization, simulation and maintenance, which can meet the needs of different industrial design engineers. The new version enhances the function of custom printing equipment and adds the function of step file preview.
DS CATIA P3 v5-6r2016 new features
1. Basic update.Custom print design.A new option lets you print documents without vertices;Custom Settings, a new option to make the twist macro execute.
2. Now supports the import of "AP242 STEP XML" file;STEP export (tessellation geometry), adding a new option to keep a link between a 3d comment and its reference edge.
3, STEP file preview, a batch command allows you to convert "AP 214/ AP 203 STEP" file to AP242, with embedded STEP file, is a fast visual light format.
4. Improvements in component design: when the edges of at least one element intersect, you can segment an element by pushing the beam surface out of the curvature.
5. Create and delete surface features.With improved error messages and diagnostic help, you can now easily identify incorrect input.
6. Three sides are tangent to each other.Now you can define more than one limiting element when creating a circle with three sides tangent to each other.You can create and define elements that are scanned or extracted, for example as limiting elements.
7. Create styles. When creating a style, you can now insert part design features such as pads, grooves, holes, etc.
8. Create sewing surface.You can now specify the maximum deviation limit when sewing shapes.You can choose the deviation pattern required for different tolerance values during the sewing process.
9. Now you can quickly define the required number of axis systems using the definition curve, perpendicular to the surface.
10. When importing features, you can now import cross chamfering.

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