CMM Measuring

Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM), also known as three dimensional Measuring Machine, Japanese for three dimensional Measuring Machine, continental for three dimensional Measuring Machine or three Coordinate Measuring Machine.In Taiwan in order to separate the two dimensional image measurement instrument called non-contact three yuan (or called 2.5 D, 0.5 D its so-called refers to the Z axis equipped with optical ruler, can use the camera itself focus to achieve high or period of poor measurement), so they are called contact three yuan, so the name of righteousness the measurement method based on detection system of the machine directly touch the workpiece for measurement.

The measuring principle is to use a probe (most of which have a ruby ball at the end) to collide with the edge of the workpiece and obtain the coordinate value of the position, and then subtract the radius of the probe is the actual coordinate value of the workpiece.In general, optical ruler is installed on the three axes of the measuring instrument. When the probe touches the workpiece, it will send a signal to capture the target coordinate value. Then, through the calculation of the measuring software, we can calculate the coordinate value or size we want.

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